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SCOUT Strengthens Advisory Board with Appointment of Aerospace Pioneer Dr. Hanspeter Schaub

ALEXANDRIA, VA, (July 13, 2023) - SCOUT Space Inc., a space technology company dedicated to enabling a new era of space safety and transparency and leading in-space observation data provider, today announced Dr. Hanspeter Schaub, a recognized global aerospace engineer, has joined the SCOUT team as a strategic advisor to the company.

The announcement was made by SCOUT’s Co-founder & CEO, Eric Ingram, stating that “Dr. Schaub’s extensive expertise spanning over three decades in astrodynamics makes him an invaluable addition to our advisory board as SCOUT works to advance cutting-edge capabilities for our government partners and commercial customers.”

SCOUT Space, co-founded by Ingram in 2019, is revolutionizing the SSA market by enhancing and augmenting missions with added in-space visibility capabilities for spacecraft and satellites. SCOUT is changing the way space operations are done by enabling satellites to autonomously perceive, assess, and navigate their local environments and better manage risk. The company leverages space-based sensors and on-board ML-backed computing to proliferate space safety and autonomy, supporting space domain awareness, intelligence, and traffic management.

“Space Situational Awareness (SSA) plays a critical role in all space safety activities, including Space Traffic Management (STM), identifying operational threats, enabling collision avoidance maneuvers, and much more,” added Dr. Hanspeter Schaub. “I am excited to join the SCOUT Advisory Board, and I look forward to playing a role in helping their mission of creating a future where space operations are safe and sustainable and I believe that can only be achieved if satellites in orbit have the ability to make decisions on their own.”

Dr. Schaub is a professor and chair of the University of Colorado aerospace engineering sciences department and holds the Schaden leadership chair. He has over 28 years of research experience, of which 4 years are at Sandia National Laboratories. He has been the ADCS lead in the CICERO mission, the ADCS algorithm lead on a Mars mission and supporting ADCS for a new asteroid mission. His involvement in SCOUT signifies a powerful alliance that combines his exceptional background in astrodynamics, relative motion dynamics, charged spacecraft motion, and spacecraft autonomy, with the company’s groundbreaking technology.

Schaub’s dedication to space safety and sustainability makes him a natural fit for SCOUT, further enhancing the company’s position as a leading SSA and in-space data provider.

Last month, SCOUT announced the closing of their oversubscribed Seed round, enabling them to scale operations and hit key milestones, including SCOUT-Vision production readiness and the development of its new OWL product line, to support commercial and government customer needs.




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