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SCOUT Wins SSC Tetra-5 OTA

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Led by Orion Space Solutions and in collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton and Hera Systems

ALEXANDRIA, VA, (August 17, 2022) -- SCOUT Space Inc., a spaceflight hardware, software, and data provider developing solutions for improved safety and transparency in space today announced it has been selected through the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) for the Tetra-5 contract, with the Space Systems Command and Air Force Research Laboratory as customers. SCOUT, on a team led by Orion Space Solutions , was awarded the Tetra-5 contract along with Booz Allen Hamilton and Hera Systems.

The Tetra-5 program will demonstrate multi-agent autonomous Rendezvous, Proximity Operations and Docking (RPOD), and on-orbit servicing. The Tetra-5 award, if all options are exercised, is valued at $44.5 million for three vehicles deployed to geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO) which will be built with a focus on digital design, spaceflight autonomy, and dynamic navigation. SCOUT is providing expertise in in-orbit observations and unique digital twin technology.

“The Tetra-5 program represents a very important focus on critical advancements to spaceflight operations in the more congested and contested space domain of today,” noted Sergio Gallucci, Co-founder and CTO of SCOUT Space. “Digital engineering is enabling more reliable and dynamic missions, and our team combines tremendous core competencies in sensor integration, in situ navigation solutions, space domain awareness, and digital twin integration.”

“This is a huge win for SCOUT and the rest of the team,” added Eric Ingram, Co-founder and CEO of SCOUT Space. “USSF provisioning budgets for SDA and On-Orbit Servicing efforts outside of the SBIR framework shows their growing interest and need in the capabilities we, and the rest of the industry, are developing.”

There is currently no standardized or widely-proven refueling capability within the DoD for on-orbit assets. Tetra-5 will include the demonstration of the entire refueling mission, and build flight heritage for small satellite refueling port design. On-orbit refueling of satellites can extend the usable life of satellites by replenishing their fuel supplies while also enabling smaller fuel tanks and less restrictions on thruster use during life. In 2021, Orbit Fab deployed the first on-orbit refueling vehicle, equipped with SCOUT’s spaceflight vision capabilities, and will supply multiple refueling modules for the Tetra-5 mission.




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