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Scout Space Inc.

Established in 2019 and headquartered out of Reston, Virginia, Scout Space Inc. is a leading in-space observation service provider focused on space security and comprehensive Space Domain Awareness (SDA). Scout’s in-space products and services, first launched in 2021, allow spacecraft to see and understand things around them while on orbit.

Meet the Leadership

Technical Leads

Our History


Scout Space founded


Selected as MassChallenge Gold 2020 winner


First SCOUT-Vision system deployed on June 30, 2021 onboard the Orbit Fab Tenzing-001 tanker


Customer contract signed with Momentus to support multi proximity operations missions

Selected by Hyperspace Challenge Accelerator 

Awarded AFWERX SBIR to revolutionize space domain awareness (SDA)

Selected to participate in Techstars Space Accelerator program


Unveiled autonomy software suite for spacecraft

Awarded the 2021 "Startup of the Year" during the 9th annual Startup of the Year Summit

Successfully completes Bridge round

Agreement signed with USSPACECOM to share space situational awareness services, data

Awarded NASA SBIR for development of autonomous relative navigation systems

Awarded Phase II SBIR contract through AFWERX, the Technology Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the innovation arm of the Department Air Force to advance space domain awareness (SDA)


Selected through the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) for the Tetra-5 contract, with the Space Systems Command and Air Force Research Laboratory as customers - on a team led by Orion Space Solutions

Awarded two STTR awards through the Orbital Prime program by SpaceWERX, the innovation arm of the U.S. Space Force, in collaboration with the Stanford University Space Rendezvous Laboratory (SLAB) and the Florida Institute of Technology ORION Lab

International partnerships formed to advance space domain awareness (SDA)


Over-subscribed Seed round successfully completed

Selected by SpaceWERX for a Phase II STTR, focused on “Robust Cross-Domain Optical Navigation with Space-Based Sensors”

Acquired Free Space Inc. to strengthen defense and technical capabilities

Selected by AFWERX for a Phase II SBIR, focused on developing a flight software suite for critical space missions with autonomous sensor-driven multi-agent guidance and navigation capabilities

Selected as a subcontractor by Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), the R&D arm of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, in support of the SINTRA (Space Debris Identification and Tracking) program

Awarded DARPA LunA-10 contract study as a sub on a group led by Crescent Space Services, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin


Awarded $1.8M AFWERX Phase II Contract to Develop Dual-Use SDA Sensor Payload (TacRS)


Philip Hover-Smoot named CEO

Unveiled Owl product line of advanced long-range vision payload systems

Awarded AFWERX Phase I SBIR to develop efficient Collision Analysis Framework, advancing real-time spacecraft self-protection capabilities with autonomy

On May 30, 2024 ( 6:25 GMT) Scout's Sparrow optical payload, launched aboard the Apex Aries bus on the SpaceX Transporter-10 mission in March 2024, successfully completed commissioning and captured its "first light" in-space calibration image

Launch Service Agreement (LSA) signed with ABL Space Systems for first standalone operational Space Domain Awareness Satellite scheduled for launch in late 2024

Selected to join DARPA’s BRIDGES Consortium for Space Superiority to advance autonomous in-space threat response for space superiority

Our Team

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Operating in Space Since 2021

Since June of 2021, Scout has been successfully operating in space, following the launch of our Sparrow (the production version of Scout’s Scout-Vision system) proximity operation systems.

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